Friday, March 5, 2010

TGIF? What does that stand for again?

I have noticed something happening lately, something that my 10-year-old self (or even my 20-something-year-old self) would find very confusing and kind of sad.  It seems as though the day of the week has become irrelevant to me.  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday really all feel the same.  (Well, maybe not Monday; no day feels worse than a Monday, unless it's Labor Day.)  My week progresses, but mostly I mark the time by the different things I have to accomplish on those days.  I map out which days will be laundry days, I contemplate squeezing a Saturday task in on a Friday night so that my Sunday is less stressful.  I know which days I am designating time at the gym, which days I need to worry about changing bed sheets, and which day I should make my obligatory Target/Wal-Mart run.

So today is Friday, and I know that means I should feel excited (or at least relieved) because the work week is done and the weekend is just hours away.  Except I don't feel that way.  I am already plotting how much I can get done tomorrow (or even tonight) so that I can squeeze in some fun and have time for a nap on Sunday afternoon.  Wow!  What happens to us when we become grownups?

Remember what a Friday felt like when you were in grade school?  Friday was the best day of the week.  School felt better, because Fridays were always the days you got to watch a video or play games, and weekend homework was always light and easy.  Lunch was better, because Fridays were the days you were most likely to have pizza or chicken nuggets.  (Yum...)  Everyone seemed to be in a better mood, because there were Friday night sleepovers and Saturday morning cartoons to look forward to.  On any given Friday afternoon, you felt downright giddy thinking about staying up late, sleeping in, and doing things just for the fun of it.  There was possibility and anticipation in the air...

Now, it's just another day, more hours I feel compelled to make as productive as possible.  The ironic thing is that I work really hard to get things done early, to try to get ahead, so that I can enjoy some free time later.  Except when I get to the designated free time, I find myself thinking of things I could be getting done so I will have free time later in the week.  Geez, that's just sick!  As is my usual pattern, I fret so much about finding time to relax that I forget to appreciate the time when it comes.  I have stolen Fridays from myself by trying to be too darn efficient.

Let's take back our Fridays!  Let's feel excited about weekends and opportunities, and let ourselves off the hook once in awhile.  It's ok, in fact, it's healthy, to rest, recharge, kick back, or kick it up.  Let's stop feeling like fun is something that we have to wedge into our schedule somewhere between the dishes and running errands.  Say it with me, class: Fun isn't something you have to do, it's something you want to do. 

So I am starting my first weekly tradition with this blog, and I am hoping that when you read it, you'll join in with me.  Every Friday, I am going to make a Friday Fun List.  It's a chance to count blessings and to tap into those Gleeful moments I am so fond of.

Friday Fun List for March 5, 2010
  1. I have had to wear my sunglasses in the morning and the evening every day this week.  This indicates two very fun things.  First, the days are getting longer and I am not leaving work in the dark any more.  (Insert fist pump.)  Second, spring is almost here! Only 15 days away, as a matter of fact.  Plus, don't you just feel like one of the cool kids when you're wearing your sunglasses?  I do.
  2. Tomorrow is the first Saturday morning since the New Year that I have totally free.  Oh, yes, there will be sleeping-in and pajama-wearing-until-10-am going on at my house.  
  3. My boyfriend is taking me on a real date tomorrow night.  And since we have been good kids all week, eating our veggies, exercising, and drinking lots of water, we get to eat small portions of real food (with butter), drink cocktails, and maybe even have dessert!  Also, I get to get a little dressed up and wear fun girly shoes!
  4. I love my dog.  Ok, so this is not a feeling I reserve only for Fridays, but the weekends mean I get more time to play with her and snuggle with her.  Before you think I am one of those crazy people who thinks of her dog as her child (which I am), keep in mind that owning a pet is one of the best ways to reduce stress in your life.  She is pure love and joy to me, and the more time I spend with her, the happier and more youthful I feel.  
  5. Summer is closer and closer every day, which means I am closer and closer to sunny days on the deck of the houseboat, just chilling out.  (Sigh.  Cold drink in my hand, nowhere to rush off to.  Close your eyes and come along to this happy place, won't you?)  Add into this the knowledge that all my hard work in the gym right now will have hopefully paid off by then, and suddenly the idea of wearing a swimsuit does not make me feel nauseous.  First time ever for that!
  6. I have some great new tunes on my iPod, and I am going to sing and be silly in the car all the way home tonight...while wearing my sunglasses, of course.
  7. Tomorrow is my dad's birtday.  Happy Birthday, Daddy-o!  Love you so much!
It's finally Friday, people!  Get pumped up!  Do something this weekend just for the fun of it, or better yet, do something silly that you know will make someone laugh.  We work for these weekends, so make the most of it.  Your busy life is trying to steal Friday Fun from you, so steal it right back!